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Documents to bring

It might be a good idea to make a copy of all your important documents (passport, ID card, driver’s license if needed, and so on) so as to have a copy if need be. You can also scan these documents and send them to your email address (you will then be able to print them wherever you are). If you misplace your documents or if they are stolen, you will then be able to prove who you are.


For information only, here is a list of some documents you need to bring along for your stay in France:

- Passport (or ID card for students from the European Union);

- Health insurance certificate (if you intend to use your home country’s health coverage), or – for students from the European Union - form E 128 or European  Health Insurance card;

- Some passport-size photos;

- If you drive a car: driver’s license; international insurance card; registration papers of the vehicle. N.B.: specific conditions may apply for the driver’s license depending on your citizenship: please click here for more information (in French).


According to your status, some other documents may be useful: 

You are:
-International student
-Exchange student
-Phd student