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"Politics and International Relations" Program

  • Presentation and Objectives
The "Politics and International Relations" Program three-year syllabus allows students to take a range of supplementary courses. The purpose of the program is threefold. Firstly, it offers a cultural opening via an interdisciplinary approach to issues relevant to the world today. Secondly, it broadens the range of interdisciplinary courses already available at the University of Tours. Thirdly, an international opening is a crucial commitment of the program: half of all courses will be taught in English. A third of the places shall be reserved for international exchange students who will join the program's local students.
  • Content
- History and Civilization
A historical approach shall enable students to understand the political, economic, social, cultural and memorial genealogies of the great dynamics of the world today. The first two semesters will be devoted to the history of the main Western countries - France, Germany, Great Britain, the United States - in the twentieth century. The next four semesters will explore the deep roots of contemporary problems: history of conflicts, of the economy and exchanges, of European construction, cultural areas.

- Geopolitics and International Relations
The stakes and fracture lines of the contemporary world will be studied from a geopolitical point of view. After two introductory semesters the students will focus on the following questions: economic, migratory and urban dynamics, development-related issues, conflicts and security, the role of Europe, regional problems.

- Constitutional Law and Political Institutions
The third element in the program will consist in an introduction to the way political institutions and legal systems operate. The students will first study the French, British and American systems before focusing on international law and European law.