• Medicine and pharmaceutical sciences
The studies of medicine were seriously reorganized in 2010-2011, particularly about welcoming international students. The studies of medicine require speaking French very fluently.

The studies of medicine, pharmaceutical sciences and odontology are done in universities linked to important hospitals, called University and Hospital Centers (CHU in French).

The study of health reform (medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, maieutic, midwife) allows the creation of the license’s degree in Health and the integration of these studies to the “License-Master-Doctorate” system. This reform allows the students who did not succeed in the examinations applying for a different course thanks to direct links.

The first year is organized in a common year of studies of health, which ends by four different examinations (the marks to the tests are adapted according to the specialties). The first semester is organized in a common course; the second semester is completed by specific courses according to the specialties.

The students can apply to one or several examinations. In case of success in several examinations, the students have to choose only one specialty.

Since the 2010 reform, introducing the First Year of Studies of Health (PACES in French), the foreign students (not from the European Union) who did not obtain a diploma in medicine in their country (whatever level of studies) must follow the PACES and must succeed in the examinations in the end of the first year. So, they will obtain a similar level to one’s obtained in their country.

  • Doctorate in Medicine
The studies of Medicine lasts at least nine years after the A level (PACES included) divided in three cycles.

  • Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences
The Pharmaceutical Sciences course lasts six years (PACES included) in order to prepare to the State Diploma of Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences. There are three possible specializations: dispensary pharmacist, industry pharmacist, hospital pharmacist.

  • State Diploma of Midwife
This course lasts five years (PACES included) after the A level. After the first year (PACES), the studies are organized in two cycles of two years. The clinical training is mainly done thanks to internships.

  • Certificate of Orthoptist
The orthoptist is authorized, in accordance with a medical prescription, to treat the problems of binocular vision by re-education skills and to make further tests in ophthalmology. The course lasts three years and is in a day school. During the course, internships in hospital must be done.

  • Certificate of Speech Therapist
The speech therapist is authorized to treat the speech, voice, oral and written language disorders. The course lasts four years, full time.