The Institutes of Technology are naturally linked to the university. They award Diplomas of Technology (DUT in french) after a period of two years.
This course trains coming middle executive in technology.

The DUT links a base of general knowledge to a specialization according to the line of business. During the training, the student makes internship in companies.

At the end of the two years of training, the student chooses between working and keeping studying. The possibilities of studies are wide after the DUT: degree, professional degree, college of engineering…

By the way, 80% of students choose to keep studying at the end of the DUT.

Two Institutes of Technology are linked to the François-Rabelais University, in Tours and in Blois, and offer courses in many disciplines: farming, food industry, insurance, broadcasting, accountancy and management auditing, car industry, banking, biology-chemistry, trading-retailing, communication-journalism, documentation-library, editing, publishing, electrics, electric science, energy, environment, public services, hotel business and catering, do-gooding, industry, computing-multimedia, engineering, marketing, advertising, materials, mechanical industry, metalworking industry, human resources, health, social careers, tourism, transport-logistics.