Organisations of studies

The University of Tours, with its seven Teaching and Research Units (faculties), its two Institutes of Technology and its College of Engineering, offers all the advantages of interdisciplinary and allows very diversified training courses (Arts and Human Sciences – Humanities and Languages – Center for Renaissance Studies – Law, Economics and Social Sciences – Science and Technology – School of Medicine – Pharmaceutical Sciences…).

The diplomas offered by the University of Tours are conformed to a national context. They are drawn up internally by educational teams and are subjected to an expertise and a self-evaluation in the institution. They are then evaluated by an evaluation of higher education research agency. The diplomas are authorized by the Minister of Higher Education and Research and by the National Council of Higher Education.

The courses are based on a progressive learning of knowledge and skills, base of a real professional training, that make evolve the learning of new skills all life long. This resource must be made up of a strong disciplinary training: the ability for analyzing and solving complex problems, the strictness of thinking, the ability of intellectual initiative, the scientific culture.

In order to strengthen the professionalization, an effort is made about transverse skills such as the mastery of at least one foreign language thanks to, in particular, the use of language centers, or the use of office computer tools.