UE 9-8b : Adjuvants and modulation of the immune response

  • Objectives 
Presentation of the different adjuvant types on the market and in development. Criteria for the choice of an adjuvant. Micro and nano-technologies and vaccine strategy.

  • Methodological and technical skills acquired
Different types of adjuvant, types of immune response to promote, criteria for selection of adjuvant.

  • Program and Content of the Module
Theoretical courses : 20 h
  •  General knowledge on adjuvants, types of adjuvants (E. coli labile toxin mutants, oil- and surfactant-based adjuvants)
  • Targeting innate immune receptors, ligands TLR (flagellin), TLRs and intestinal cells
  • Delivery adjuvants: liposomes, nano-particles, particle-based synthetic ligands
  • Routes of immunization: sublingual and transcutaneous routes
Tutorials : 10 h