UE 9.8a : Endosymbiogenesis and evolution, transgenesis

  • Objectives 
To understand that micro-organisms are not necessarily pathogens.

  • Program and Content of the Module
Theoretical courses : 20 h
  •  Risks and stakes of gene therapy
  • Development of virus-derived vectors
  • Immune response during gene therapy
  • Control of gene expression
  • Molecular basis of RNA interference
  • Transgenesis models in large animals, nematodes and plants
  • Diversity and evolution of gut microbial communities in insects
  • Transposon-derived neogenes in humans
  • Endogenous retro-elements and placenta differenciation
  • Viruses adaptation
  • Endosymbiogenesis and polydnaviruses
  • A bacterial endosymbiont (Wolbachia): evolutionnary consequences of an intracellular life style
  • Symbiosis and immunity in Arthropods

Tutorials : 10 h