UE 9.7a : Molecular mechanisms of resistance (Infectious agents and chemoresistance)

  • Objectives 
Theoretical knowledge of resistance mechanisms to anti-microbial therapies (specific and non-specific mechanisms of resistance, escape by mutation, dissemination).

  • Program and Content of the Module
Theoretical courses : 20 h
  • Main resistance mechanisms of HIV and HCV to anti-viral drugs
  • Basis of genetic and phenotypic tests to assess the level of resistance to antiviral drugs (with a particular focus on HIV, CMV and HCV)
  • Main antibiotic resistance mechanisms (detection methods, emphasis on beta-lactamases and active efflux,…)
  • Genetic supports of antibiotic resistance (characterization, integrons, plasmids, integrative islands,…)
  • Horizontal transfer and persistence of antibiotic resistance (conjugation,…)
  • Specific resistance anthelmintics mechanisms (parasitic nematodes, levamisole, diagnostics, genetic and functional approaches)
  • Non-specific anthelmintic resistance mechanisms

Tutorials : 10 h