UE 9.6a : Molecular Mechanisms of Virulence

  • Objectives 
Detailed presentation of virulence mechanisms shared among microorganisms or specific to certain microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites).
  • Methodological and technical skills acquired
    • Understanding of main technics used in this field of research
    • Collective set-up of an experimental strategy
    • Analysis of experimental results from different disciplines
    • Oral presentation, comments and critical analysis of experimental results

  • Program and Content of the Module
Theoretical courses : 20 h

Tutorials : 10 h
  • Critical analysis of English written scientific publications in relation with programs of UE 9.1, 9.2, 9.4, 9.6, 9.7, 9.8 et 9.9
  • Fifteen minutes oral presentation (pair working) of a scientific publication followed by 15 minutes of questions by the jury and other students of the track.