UE 9.2 : Host-pathogen interactions

  • Objectives 
Understanding of mechanisms used by various major pathogens to invade and hijack the cellular machinery.
  • Methodological and technical skills acquired
Methods for the study of interactions of cells with viruses, bacteria or parasites based on specific examples (in vitro cell culture infection models, imaging, protein-protein interactions, tools to inhibit the expression or function of specific proteins).
  • Program and Content of the Module
Theoretical courses : 40 h
• The cytoskeleton
• Parasitic invasion
• Bacteria adhesion
• Secretion systems and host-bacteria
• Bacteria entry into cells – interaction with the cytoskeleton
• Virus entry: trafficking from membrane to nucleus
• Viruses and autophagy
• Viruses and lipids
• Morphogenesis of enveloped viruses: Herpesvirus
• Virus-cytoskeleton interaction
• Morphogenesis of enveloped viruses: hepadna & flavivirus
• Viral cell-to-cell dissemination
• Interference and restriction of retroviruses
• Viruses and DNA damage
• Interactions of Mycobacteria with host cells

Tutorials : 10 h
• Critical analysis of English written scientific publications in relation with programs of UE 9.1, 9.2, 9.4, 9.6, 9.7, 9.8 et 9.9
• Track A only (pair working): Fifteen minutes oral presentation of a scientific publication followed by 15 minutes of questions by the jury and other students of the track.