MASTER2 research SPECIALTY Pathophysiologies

This Master 2 is more specifically dedicated to master students (standard background: biological sciences, with a skillful training in biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology) that wish to pursue their education by preparing a PhD thesis. It is also open to students enrolled in Medicine and Pharmacy. This degree aims to introduce students to the approaches and tools for a better understanding of molecular and cellular events associated with pathophysiological mechanisms.
  • Objectives

The guidance is part of the thematic priorities supported by the “Région Centre” to develop and support a strong biomedical research. Lectures (given by teachers of Faculties of Science, Medicine and Pharmacy and INRA Tours) i / will focus on the acquisition or consolidation of common skills: proteomics, genomics, aspects of major signaling pathways, and modern methods related to targeting and imaging (from cell to whole organism), ii / aim to provide a transversal and integrated approach of various (chronic, cancer, neurodegenerative) pathophysiologies via innovative therapeutic methods (cell and gene therapies, bio-medicine, etc. ..). The goal is to provide a wide panorama of the molecular and cellular approaches to the investigation and understanding of the pathophysiology and therapeutic management. Besides the academic presentations (lectures and seminars) to be held during the first semester, students complete an internship of six months in a research laboratory where they will be entitled to apply knowledges, strategies and tools presented in their lectures. In addition to the acquisition methodologies and laboratory techniques, they will have to develop their analytical aptitudes to demonstrate their own ability to confront new scientific problems and propose the best solutions to solve them. The skills acquired by students should enable them give priority to pursue a PhD thesis. The main career opportunities are both basic and applied research (public and private) positions that fall primarily in the areas of biology and health: researcher, research engineer, universitary position, industry (R & D, pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies).

  • Contents or models of training

The semester includes three core mandatory teaching units (Cell Signaling and Associated Techniques - Genomics, Genetics and Bioinformatics - Molecular and Cellular Imaging and Targeting) (5 ECTS each). Also three optional teaching units (4 ECTS each) are to be chosen from the following list: (Group a) Nutrition, Metabolism and Chronic Diseases - Biology of the cancer Cell – From Engineering to Development of Biologics - Cell and Gene Therapy; (Group b) Immuno-Intervention - Pathophysiology of Neurodegenerative Disorders. Two possible choices are offered for options: 3 optional units from the group a or 2 optional units from the group a and 1 optional teaching from the the group b.

All teaching units correspond to 24 hours of lectures (seminars / conferences).

In addition, a complementary teaching of scientific english (3 ECTS) and a preparation for professional integration will also be offered.

The semester is a research internship of 24 weeks in a laboratory affiliated to the master 2. This program is remunerated (based on a monthly reward). At the end of this internship, students have their work evaluated as follows: writing a scientific report, oral presentation assessed by the Board of Examiners.

Method of evaluation
Each semester is validated if the average is superior or equal to 10/20. The distinction in the diploma is delivered from the sum of the scores of the two semesters.

Students that have to not yet holding the “CLES 2” (Certificate of language proficiency for Higher Education) in English must validate their certification (issued outside part of M2 courses).

  • Admission requirements

This program is primarily dedicated to i/ students in Life Sciences and Health with the basic requirements in Biochemistry, Physiology, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology, ii / students performing their internship in medicine or pharmacy. This educational program is also available as part of continuing education.