MASTER2 Production and Regulation of Health Products: Quality and Risk Management in Healthcare (Program A)

In the course of the professionalizing Master 2 "Production and Regulation of Health Products: Quality and Risk Management in Health", organized jointly by the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, combines lectures by professionals in quality and an internship in a health facility. The formation of first year's goal is to train students in a Masters level or equivalent functions in part responsible for quality in health care.

  • Objectives

Training professionals to:
- Define, control, design, provide, disseminate and evaluate a quality
- Develop concepts and tools of quality applied to health (accreditation, certification ...)
- Identify, analyze and control the health risks
- Know how to quickly adapt to complex environments and evolutionary

Health sectors concerned:
- Pharmaceutical, cosmetics
- Hospital sector
- Organizations and institutes
- Biomedical research

Career Opportunities - The trades from training related to the management and quality engineering in the field of health: Quality Manager, Quality Manager, Quality Engineer, Research Officer audit, Project ...

Structures targeted hiring:
- Public and Private Hospitals - Clinics - Nursing homes, Cancéropôle
- Industrial Health

  • Contents and model of teachings

Theory: 7 Teaching Units = 350 hours = 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Internship or health care facility (6 months - 850 hours - 30 ECTS)

Trainers: teacher-researchers from the University of Tours; Professionals (quality specialists, physicians, pharmacists) who support the great quality of health facilities.

Details of the 7 TU
TU AB (common to the two paths A and B of the Master) Regulatory Framework, Communication and Management (50 hours - 5 ECTS): Legal framework, institutions and agencies, standards and benchmarks, Communication and Management

TU A1 The health risks: Control and Management (5 ECTS - 60 hours): Identification and characterization. Methods of control. legal responsibilities

TU A2 Tools for Quality in Health (5 ECTS - 70 hours): specific strategic tools - statistical tools - tools

TU A3 Accreditation, Certification (5 ECTS - 65 hours): Repositories - Standards - Accreditation - Certifications

TU A4 Evaluation - Audit (50 hours - 4 ECTS): Audit internal and external preparation for practice in various contexts

TU A5 Management - Human Resources (3 ECTS - 30 hours): Dimension managerial essential for establishing a quality

TU A6 Quality in biomedical research (25 hours - 3 ECTS)

  • Admission requirements

Holder of a M1 / medicine or pharmacy students / professionals by validating.

- Scientific background: the student must have concepts in biology and in various scientific fields directly related to health
- Interpersonal skills: the professional quality is related to all services at the crossroads of different functions
- Organizational skills
- Analytical skills, leadership