MASTER Physic - Imaging SPECIALTY Medical imaging technologies

In this master, the whole chain of the medical imaging systems were studied. The fundamental principles of PET, TDM, MNRI, Echography and optical imaging were presented and then completed by all technological, technical and medical aspects. The advanced processing in signal and image dedicated to medical and biomedical appliations were also treated. Finally, the medical computing advantageously completed the master in the hospital information system and in the PACS. The management project and small practical studies were also studied.
  • Objectives
This biomedical master prepares the future engineers in medical imaging to manage, maintain and develop imaging systems included in hospital information systems. These biomedical engineers specialised in medical imaging and computing can work in private or public medical centers.
  • Contents or models of training

- Bring to requiered standard : 30 hours
- Biomedical systems and signal : 40 hours
- Medical devices / Quality : 15 hours
- Medical imaging 1 (X-Ray and nuclear Medicine) : 20 hours
- Medical imaging 2a (NMR and Optical) : 15 hours
- Medical imaging 2b (Ultrasound) : 20 hours
- Image and signal in imaging : 30 hours
- Applications in medical imaging : 30 hours
- Technical communication and project : 45 hours
- PACS : 25 hours
- Technologies in medical imaging : 35 hours
- Entreprise culture : 20 hours
- English : 20 hours

  • Admission requirements