MASTER Mathematics SPECIALTY Mathematics and applications

The Master in Mathematics, named "Mathematics and Applications" has common courses during the first year (M1) while the second year proposes specializations in six several directions. The aim of the first year is to make sure that the students know the basis background in Mathematics. On the second year (M2), students have to choose one of the six specializations which are proposed in this master : MA, SPA, ATI, MIMATS, MME and MoCaHP.
  • Objectives

MA (general mathematics) provides a high level teaching in mathematics.

The aim of SPA (statistics and applied probability theory) is to prepare our students for careers in statistical mathematics.

The aim of ATI (automatic and image processing) is to train ingeneers in mathematics, who are able to handle several type of modeling.

MIMATS (international master in mathematics and secure transmissions) offers a high level teaching in the domain of secure transmissions.

MME (mathematics and teaching carreers) prepares to teaching careers and the dissemination of science. 

MoCaHP (modeling and high performance computing), common program with the computer sciences master in Orléans, trains research ingeneers (in the directions of modeling and intensive scientific computing).
  • Contents or models of training

Courses in this master cover a large range of mathematics (analysis, algebra, probability theory, geometry) with some variations depending on the choosen speciality, in particular.

In SPA are provided several courses in statistics.

In ATI are proposed introductory courses to automatic, optimal control and image processing.

Mimats contains courses in cryptography and computing science.

MME contains several courses of professional type (like pedagogy), preparing to teaching careers and the dissemination of science.

MoCaHP contains courses of modeling and computing.
  • Admission requirements
The licence's degree (i.e. bachelor+3) based in France on the CAPES program.