MASTER Computer Science SPECIALTY Information Technology for Business Intelligence (SIAD)

The Master “Information Technology for Business Intelligence” provides students the necessary skills to become senior executives in computing. They will possess:
- a strong general knowledge in the computer science field
- a specialization in the particular field of information technologies ( data warehouses, data mining, e-business, information retrieval..)
  • Objectives

The Master "Information technology for business intelligence" offers a diploma dedicated to business intelligence, which is a thematic covering a wide scientific and technical field: databases, content analytics, web technologies, information systems architecture, data mining, information retrieval. 

The Master aims at giving the necessary expertise in all these particular computer science fields that are so important to decision-makers.

Its main goal is: training computer engineers who will be real scientists in IT, with the ability to understand and help the development of decision-makers’ strategies.  

This curriculum is strongly connected to the business world in order to favor the professional integration of our students. They will benefit from:
- classes directly related to companies management (business law, management, financial analysis, marketing..)
- the management of a project given by a company
- a five months long internship minimum

Moreover, a huge part of the classes (around 30%) is taught by computer science professionals working in companies such as Atos, Umanis, Cap Gemini, Apside, Micropole Univers, SAS...
  • Contents or models of training
Master 1 – First year

Software engineering (5 ECTS, 50h)
Statistics (5 ECTS, 50h)
Databases (5 ECTS, 50h)
Business Intelligence (5 ECTS, 50h)
Business culture (5 ECTS, 50h)
Humanities (5 ECTS, 50h) 


Information Systems (5 ECTS, 50h)
Databases (5 ECTS, 50h)
Distributed systems (5 ECTS, 50h)
Marketing and e-business (5 ECTS, 50h)
Business Intelligence (5 ECTS, 50h)
Humanities (5 ECTS, 50h)  

Master 2 – Second year

Knowledge discovery and data mining (5 ECTS, 50h)
Data warehouses (5 ECTS, 50h)
Information retrieval (5 ECTS, 50h)
Web technologies (5 ECTS, 50h)
Innovation and research (5 ECTS, 50h)
Humanities (6 ECTS, 50h)


Professional project and internship (30 ECTS

  • Admission requirements

Peuvent s'inscrire en première année tous les étudiants titulaires d'une licence d'un domaine compatible ou d'un diplôme jugé équivalent par une commission pédagogique. Ce diplôme est accessible dans le cadre de la formation continue avec éventuellement des validations d'acquis professionnels.

L'entrée en seconde année de master est sélective et s'adresse à priori à toute personne ayant réussi une première année de master informatique ou diplôme équivalent.