Engineering degree in Urban and Regional Planning

The Urban and Regional planning specialty aims at giving engineers the scientific and technical skills that will enable them to conceive and lead complex urban and regional planning projects. The training offers a good balance between interdisciplinary courses, practical work and internships in a professional environment.
  • Objectives

Urban and regional planning engineers are trained taking into account both knowledge and know-how for the devising, the organisation and the realisation of urban or regional planning projects.

The course aims at developping a wide range of skills for our engineers both on diversified spatial scales (from the town territory to the European level, including intermediary levels such as the French "régions" and "département") and in a wide range of town planning areas: environmental , juridical, financial and urbanistical aspects.

  • Contents or models of training

The training course is organised with core subjects and optional subjects in 5th year. The curriculum contains natural and life sciences as well as human sciences. It is enriched with curriculum semesters abroad (ERASMUS, CREPUQ…).

Main subjects:

- Project engineering
- Mathematics and data processing
- Natural and life sciences
- Sustainable development and environment
- Urban development, urban engineering and transports
- Territorial engineering, rural and environmental engineering
- Local development, territorial development
- Options:

- Urban engineering (urban development project, eco-mobility and urban development)
- Territorial engineering (territorial cooperations, energies, climate, risk management and territories)

Finally, other core subjects including human, economic and social sciences as well as law and English complete the curriculum.

A pedagogy based on projects has a key role in the curriculum. They are the first step towards research and innovation for future engineers.

Internships (third, fourth and fifth year) complement the curriculum. They take place in companies in the domain either in France or abroad.

  • Admission requirements

Polytech admission competitive exam:

- For foreign students living in a country where Campus France is present: you have to fill in your application on the Campus France CEF website from January, 4 th  2012 until February, 24 th  2012 (The list of the countries where Campus France is active can be found on Polytech Tours’ website)
- For foreign students living in other countries : the application has to be done online on Polytech Network’s website between January, 4 th  2012 and February, 24 th  2012.