Engineering degree in Mechanics and System Design

Our engineering students are trained in mechanics and system design and can choose between four options in their final year. This training is based on projects and internships in foreign companies. A special partnership with famous industrial groups allows students to have access to innovative technologies.
  • Objectives

Our engineers are in charge of projects in companies closely connected to industrial research, implementing and operating production systems in various sectors such as: aeronautics, car industry, oil industry, production and energy supply, manufacturing, computer sciences.

  • Contents or models of training

The syllabus is focused on mechanics and non-specialized subjects completing the engineering training. Our students can choose an option in their final year.

Students are taught by teachers and researchers from the school and the Laboratory of Mechanics and Rehology. They can also learn from other research centres and teams: CEROC, CERMEL, CERER, CERTEMPlus and CERTESENS. 

Main themes

- Mechanics
- Design and Manufacturing
- Maths and Computer Sciences
- Engineering methods
- System design
- Options:

- Advanced mechanics
- Biomechanics
- Sensory design
- Renewable energy and environment

Other subjects including human, economic and social sciences as well as English to complete the training course.

A pedagogy based on projects has a key role in the curriculum. They are a first step towards research and innovation for future engineers.

Internships (third, fourth and fifth year) complement the curriculum and can be taken in companies of the domain either in France or abroad.

  • Admission requirements

Polytech admission competitive exam:

- For foreign students living in a country where Campus France is present : you have to fill in your application on the Campus France CEF website from January, 4 th  2012 until February, 24 th  2012 (The list of the countries where Campus France is active can be found on Polytech Tours’ website)
- For foreign students living in other countries: the application has to be done online on Polytech Network’s website between January, 4 th  2012 and February, 24 th  2012.