Engineer - specialization Spatial Planning Engineering

Spatial planning engineering aims to provide engineers with scientific and technical skills for designing and implementing complex urban and territorial development projects. The course offers a balance between interdisciplinary teaching, practical work and in-company traineeships.


  • Aims:

Engineers from spatial planning engineering become familiar with the knowledge and skills acquired during their course relating to spatial planning design, organization and fulfilment.

The course helps the graduates develop a wide range of skills in a variety of spatial levels (from municipal level to European Union level, through intermediary levels, such as regional, departmental, etc. levels), as well as in related planning fields: from the environmental aspects of projects to their legal, financial and urban aspects.


  • Contents or list of themes and subjects taught:

The course, organized around a common base and an option to be chosen in the 5th year, focuses on a balance between life and earth sciences and humanities.

Teaching is enriched through time spent abroad (ERASMUS, CREPUQ, etc.).


The main themes addressed are:

- Project engineering

- Mathematics and information processing

- Life and nature sciences

- Sustainable development and the environment

- Urbanism, urban engineering and transports

- Territorial planning, rural and environmental engineering

- Local development, territorial development

- Option:

              - Urban engineering (urban project, eco-mobility and urbanism)

              - Territorial engineering (territorial cooperation, energy, climate, risks and territories)


And finally, a common teaching base in humanities, economic, legal and social sciences (SHEJS - Sciences Humaines Economiques Juridiques et Sociales) and in a second language completes the course.

Project pedagogy is a key factor of the programme. The projects are also used as a means for introducing research and innovation to future engineers.

And finally, the traineeships (years 3, 4 and 5) complete the training course. These traineeships take place in companies whose activities are related to the sector of studies, in France and abroad.


  • Prerequisites:

Registration procedures for the Polytech Network selection:

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   For international students from other countries, you must apply online via the Polytech Network website between 4 January and 24 February 2012.