BACHELOR (vocational) Health OPTION Analytical and experimental biology

The professionally-oriented Bachelor’s degree in Health « Analytical and experimental biology » prepares students for employment as associate scientists in a variety of biological laboratories in the fields of human and animal health. This additional year of specialisation is prepared after obtaining a vocational undergraduate diploma.
  • Objectives

Mastery of the current and emerging techniques of biological analysis, the methods of laboratory diagnosis in human and animal pathologies and in the food processing industry, the techniques of animal experimentation and alternative methods in biomedical fields. Knowledge, creation and implementation of experimental protocols. Drafting of procedures. Providing the analytical validation of results using statistical and computer tools while respecting the procedures of quality, hygiene and safety, waste management and the rules of bioethics.

The qualities developed by this course are the following:

- Acquiring new skills and being capable of developing specific technologies
- Applying theoretical knowledge to real-life situations
- The ability to be meticulous, organized and autonomous
- Skills in quality assurance systems, security and bioethics
- Cultivating each student’s analytical and critical naturs and demonstrating self-initiative
- Permitting students to build upon this solid foundation : 
by participating in synthesizing studies and
 by undertaking pre-professional activities in the fields of biology and the food processing industry
- Knowledge of the professional environment- Understanding the business environment in order to know one's functions and responsibilities within the company

The vocational part of the course is based on tutoring, creating each student's Personal and Professional Project, acquiring knowledge about companies and the carrying out of an internship of 16 weeks for full-time students and 31 weeks for part-time apprentice students.

Professional emloyment is about 90% after completion of the course. BAE graduates are directly operational as assistants to engineers, researchers or to biological team managers, or as high-level technicians in public and private laboratories:

- Analyses in the medical biology, hospital or veterinary fields
- Pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic and food processing industry
- Research and Development or Control
- Biotechnology and et bio-industries
- Basic, applied or clinical research

  • Details of students' courses

Course duration: one year

450 hours of lectures, tutorials and practical work

- UE1 : 157 hours (9 ECTS)

Managment – Patent Rights – Technological intelligence monitoring - Animal testing and alternative methods - Databases - Biocomputing - Specific legislation - Bioethics - Quality - Health and safety

- UE2 : 113 hours (6 ECTS)

Biological diagnosis in human pathologies, animals and the food processing industry - Epidemiology - Molecular and Cellular Biology - Carcinogenesis - Immunology and Cell Therapy - Biomedication - Molecular identification of micro-organisms

- UE3 : 180 hours (10 ECTS)

Business Management – the Professional Work Environment - Labour laws - Scientific communication in French and English - Personal and Professional Project (PPP) - Foreign language studies : English

- UEPR : 150 hours (5 ECTS)

Tutored project

- UE4 (30 ECTS)

Internship of 16 weeks for full-time students and 31 weeks for part-time apprentice students.

  • Admission requirements

Holders of a Higher National Diploma :

- University Institute of Technology Diploma (DUT) from the Biological and Biochemical Analysis (ABB) and Food Processing Industry (IAB) options
- Diploma of Higher Education (BTS) in Medical Biology Analysis, Agricultural Biological and Biotechnological Analysis (ANABIOTEC), Bioanalysis and Control, Biotechnology
- Classic Bachelor's Degree in life sciences
- Biological Analysis Laboratory Technician Diploma

Admission is on application and after a selection interview. 
Professional experience can be validated (VAE).