BACHELOR (vocational) Environmental Management - Waste Business Professions

The Degree in GEMD (Environmental Management – Waste Business Professions) is intended for students who wish to work in the field of waste management, in private companies and for local authorities.

The course is run by a multidisciplinary team and around 40% of classes are given by professionals. The programme totals 450 hours of teaching, 150 hours of projects as well as a traineeship for at least 14 weeks and up to 6 months.
  • Aims
This professional degree provides students with the skills required for apprehending problems related to managing waste, whilst protecting the environment and applying a sustainable development approach.

By applying cross-disciplinary pedagogy, this course helps students develop their resourcefulness and encourages responsibility by favouring the acquisition of analytical skills, autonomy and rigour, practicality and versatility.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:
-Formalize and organize waste management, integrating the necessary human, technical and financial aspects.
-Deal with the various spheres of communication in the company and with partners
-Manage the safety of individuals and of corporate assets
-Understand the corporate environment (corporate organization, labour law, human resources management, etc.)
-Implement environmental standards applications
-Communicate with elected representatives, employees from companies and end-users
-Organize and manage work teams.
The course also enables students to develop their abilities to communicate and to express themselves (in English and in French) and to manage business. The professionalization aspect of this course is based on the involvement of numerous professionals (who teach around 40% of the classes) and on the traineeship, which helps students rapidly enter the employment market.

Graduates of this course may be recruited by professionals in the fields of waste collection, sorting, processing and recovery and in the fields of designing, developing, implementing and supervising environmental and safety management systems. Graduates may work in private companies specialized in waste management, in engineering offices or for local and regional authorities.

This professional degree in GEMD (Environmental Management – Waste Business Professions) may lead graduates to careers in:
- Coordinating environmental safety
- Managing waste
- Assisting the quality, safety, environment (SQE) manager
- Coordinating the team of sorting ambassadors
- Managing environmental studies, etc.
  • Contents or list of themes and subjects taught
This professional degree in GEMD (Environmental Management – Waste Business Professions) is multidisciplinary. The main subjects taught are as follows:
Environmental law, labour law
Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE)
Managing dangerous industrial waste
Waste sorting and recovery pathways
Thermal waste treatment
Biological waste treatment
Optimizing waste collection systems
Managing radioactive waste
Chemistry, English, ecotoxicology, Geographic Information System (GIS), hydrogeology
Impact studies, risk and prevention analysis, safety
Environmental management system, ISO 14001 standard, quality, ISO 9000
Eco-design, Life-cycle assessment (LCA)
Communication, managing teams, negotiation techniques
Account management, project management
Public policies, public procurement
Sustainable development
Waste collection and transportation
Financial aspects of waste management
  • Prerequisites
The professional degree in GEMD (Environmental Management – Waste Business Professions) is open to students who have validated a scientific-related BAC+2, although this is not an obligation for admission.