BACHELOR Mathematics and Applications

The Mathematics and Applications Degree offers students various curriculums based on their personal projects, once validated by the pedagogical team:

1 - It provides the basis of mathematics studies enabling students to pursue their studies at master level well. .
2 - It set of options proposes a multidisciplinary scientific programme enabling those who wish to change paths during or at the end of the first two years.
3 - The Preparation for Polytech Engineering Degrees (PeIP - Préparation Ingénieur Polytech) offers students a natural route for accessing the first year of a Polytech network school, in particular the school in Tours, once they have completed two years of studying at the university.

Discipline keywords: Insurance, Bank, Cryptology, Teacher-researcher, Finance, Information technology, Engineer, Mathematics, Statistician.


We work with a range of international academic partners: University of Laval: 2325, rue de l'Université, Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6 - Canada.