BACHELOR Geosciences (STE)

Two curriculums are proposed from semester 5 (year 3 of the STE degree). 

  • L3 STE curriculum

The aim of this curriculum is to offer students a general geology course, which includes everything from the smallest mineral structures to an overall perception of the Earth and the universe.

The science and Technologies degree with STE as the majoring subject is based on local knowledge of geosciences: "Superficial formations. How continental watersheds work. Hydrology and geochemistry of water". It enables students to coherently choose a path for pursuing their studies in fundamental geosciences or in environmental sciences, or for entering professional life or for sitting a recruitment exam for teaching.

  • L3 IMACOF (Ingénierie des Milieux Aquatiques et des Corridors Fluviaux) preparation curriculum (Engineering for Aquatic Environments and for River Corridors)

The aim of the IMACOF curriculum is to train students to obtain an engineer level of studies and to become professionals in aquatic environment engineering, able to establish project management and contracting for the integrated management and rehabilitation of aquatic environments (watersheds, watercourses, wetlands).

Discipline keywords:  Environment, Geochemistry, Geology, Geophysics, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Mineralogy, Pedology, Petrology, Sedimentology, Tectonics.


We work with a range of international academic partners. Certain students from L3 chose to carry out their traineeships in foreign businesses and laboratories (Australia, Canada, Gabon, the Lebanon, USA).