MASTER Psychology SPECIALTY Child and youth psychology: socialization, education and disability

The overall aim of this specialization is to train students to become developmental psychologists for working with infants, children, adolescents and young adults who have disabilities and/or socialization disorders. The primary structures for careers targeted by this course are all types of institutions that provide educational, training, social, medical and cultural support and assistance to these populations.
  • Objectives

This specialization provides students with training that is theoretical, methodological and practical, and does not have any kind of dogmatic orientation, but is based on the current theoretical models and thus trains students in the professional skills required to become a psychologist for children and young people. In order to deal with the suffering provoked by various disabilities, in particular those related to cognitive impairment, language, socialization and school education, this course emphasizes knowledge from recent research, psychological assessment and tools that are applied in the field of disability and support and assistance.

Career development aims:

- Enable students to acquire knowledge for analysing the institutional contexts where the populations in question are received.
- Train students how to psychologically assessing children and young people.

Innovative aims: Develop a solid theoretical/practical course by integrating and placing emphasis on traineeships, so that students may enter the professional world more easily.

  • Contents or models of training

- Developmental psychology: cognition, socialization and disability
- Cognitive development and impairment
- Language development and impairment/disorders
- Socialization development and impairment/disorders
- Professional practices in developmental psychology
- Child and youth psychology
- Intervention and support and assistance
- Code of conduct and ethics
- Legal aspects and organization of the profession
- English

  • Admission requirements

Students must have validated a M1 PSYCHOLOGY and must have followed the common base classes (320 hours), including the traineeship, for at least 100 hours.