MASTER Historical Sciences - "Research" programme and "Teaching" programme

This degree, through its "research" programme and "teaching" programme, provides students with skills in four main areas:
- history and humanities research techniques
- learning and becoming proficient in written and oral erudition
- written and oral discourse in the fields of history and humanities
- the ability to clearly transmit knowledge, skills and information.

  • Objectives
The main aim of the "teaching" programme is, of course, to pass the exam to become a teacher in secondary education. We aim to help students reach the highest possible level of success in this exam.

Studies in this "teaching" programme also provide students with a specific skill in knowledge of education systems and of pedagogical techniques for transmitting knowledge. At the end of the course, regardless of the result of the teaching exam, students will:
1. have acquired good knowledge of the education system and how it works, which will enable them to begin a career in a school easily and to understand how it works.
2. know how to develop and implement a history or geography teaching sequence for a public of college or senior high school pupils and will take into account the diversity of pupils for doing this.
3. be able to run one or several state or private, college and/or senior high school classes, to organize class work and assess the pupils.

Students who fail the teaching exam will have, nevertheless, acquired abilities for work and knowledge that will enable them to re-orient themselves towards other professions that require similar skills: documentation, written/oral/graphic presentation, organizing debates and exchanges, etc.
  • Contents or models of training
- History Diachronic seminar
- Languages
- Research dissertation
- History methodology
- Research gateway
- Teaching preparation
- Teaching preparation: geography
- Teaching preparation: history
- Traineeship
- Dissertation
  • Admission requirements
Proficiency in French, intellectual curiosity, a critical mind, ability to work autonomously and to memorize, interest in reading, ability to work in a group.