MASTER Strategic Management of People and Organisations SPECIALTY SME management and entrepreneurship

The Master's degree is dedicated to the training of specialists of the management of the SME and of the entrepreneurship. SMEs are present in all the sectors of the economy and constitute an important pool of managers' job creation. They need general-purpose executives who are trained in the specificities of the SME. The question of business start-up is also very current, and a large number of companies will look in next years for persons able to succed to their top manager.
  • Main objectives
The master has for objective to develop the entrepreneurship capacity, and also to prepare for consulting or top management functions. The lessons, provided by teachers or high level practitioners, consider the specificities of the SMEs in terms of management, while offering an entrepreneurial awareness (practical cases, simulations, entrepreneurial projects). This training is completed by a minimum of 4 months internship or an apprenticeship contract.

Jobs concern all the sectors. The students can turn to three main activities:
1. Become SME specialists at professional partners (consulting firms or financial institutions for example),
2. Become functional executive of a medium-sized company or a center of profit,
3. Manage or accompany projects of creation or resumption of company.

Some examples of functions for which the students were recruited these last years : control manager in SME, SME specialist in a bank or in an accompaniment institute.
  • Master degree contents
First period (30 crédits)
UE 1 SME Marketing and strategy management (63h)
SME marketing management (18h)
Strategic choices in SME (18h)
International marketing and SME developpement (18h)
Specialized management techniques (9)

UE2 Information systems and management (90h)
Information systems (15h)
Management computing (15h)
Human resource and change management in SME (12h)
Management control (18h)
SME finance (18h)
Specialized management techniques (12)

UE 3 Gestion juridique et fiscale de la PME (63h)
Labor law (18h)
Law of business (18h)
Fiscal law (18h)
Specialized management techniques (9h)

UE 4 Développement managerial (45h)
Simulation of SME management (20h)
Personal development (15h)
Projects (10)

Second period (30 crédits)
UE 5 Consulting and entrepreneurship (48h)
Auditing and resumption of SME (15h)
Entrepreneurship practice (12h)
SME creation (15h)
Specialized management techniques (6h)

UE 6 4 to 6 month period in firm
  • Prerequisites
This Master degree addresses the students having validated a training of 60 credits:
- A first year of Master's degree in Sciences of Management, Business, or Economy (verifying prerequisites) ;
- A first year of another Master's degree (verifying prerequisites).

Senior managers may also candidate to this management degree (specific group of students).

Main prerequisites are SME management experience, and management formation (especially in marketing and finance).