MASTER International Business Law

The International Business Law Master Program of François-Rabelais University is a specialized academic program which exists since 1975. It enjoys an excellent reputation in academic and professional circles.  It is aimed at students coming from France, Europe and foreign countries. 

  • Program Goals

The aim of the International Business Law Master Program is to train law students in legal research and analysis relating to the various branches of Business Law and more specifically International Business Law, enabling them to intervene in the field of international trade of goods and services, international investments and international trade. Classes are taught in both French and English languages by prominent academics and attorneys specialized in International Business Law who provide students with a balanced perspective into the tasks performed in their field of expertise and familiarize them with their future role in the delivery of legal services. The holders of this Master's degree are, in general, rapidly recruited by international companies and law firms.

  • Course content

Course content focuses on International Business rules and practices and includes: Banking Law, European Competition Law, contracts drafting, financing methods, Arbitration Law, International Private Law, Taxation in International trade, Companies Law, Insolvency Law, international transportation Law, International Labor Law, Intellectual Property Law.

  • Admission requirements
The admission for the M1 is not subject to a selection process. Applicants are required to hold a French licence en droit or an equivalent French or foreign degree.

The admission for the M2 is subject to a selection process. Applicants are required to hold a Master 1 in International Business Law or an equivalent Master 1 or an equivalent French or foreign degree in the field of law and to master basic knowledge in the field of International Business Law.