MASTER II (vocational) in International and European Law: European Lawyer - Tours and Lodz (Poland)

This Master, which is taught in Tours and in Lodz (Poland), provides students with solid legal skills in the various fields of European Union law: Institutional law, EU policies, business law, European tax law, etc. This multidisciplinary approach is fundamental as it graduates need to be versatile and able to adapt to different situations throughout their professional careers.
  • Objectives

This Master is open to students who have studies public law, private law or political sciences. It aims to train students to become high-level, trilingual (French, English and German or Spanish) lawyers, specialized in European Union law and able to pursue careers in Europe and throughout the world.

The main career areas targeted through this course are: lawyer, judge, financial and fiscal legal advisor, corporate lawyer, corporate executive, European, national or regional/local civil servant, expert and advisor for various European Union institutions and bodies, lobbyist, in charge of European projects or research, lawyer specialized in business law. This, of course, does not exclude careers related to law research (research engineer, teacher-researcher).

As such, the compulsory, minimum three-month traineeship, to be carried out in France or abroad, which includes an end-of-traineeship report, completes this curriculum of studies for entering professional life. The traineeship enables students to implement the various skills acquired throughout the course and helps them finalize their professional project.

A career development module, which comprises, in particular, training for writing CVs in foreign languages, interview simulations with company heads, which is supported by the SUIO (University Information and Guidance Department), and professional immersion trips in France and abroad, completes the course. The incredible work undertaken by the Association des Juristes européens (European Lawyers Association), a student body, helps expand the professional network of former Master students and provide in-depth comprehensibility with its Master-specific website (

  • Contents or models of training

- Advanced European Union law            
- European competition law
- European Union foreign relations law             
- European domestic market law
- European Union litigation       
- European financial law
- Protection of human rights in Europe 
- European judicial area law       
- European social law
- European tax law    
- International and European contract law
- Transport, energy and environmental policies
- European agricultural and agri-food law
- Economic and monetary policy
- English law
- German law

  • Admission requirements
The second year of the European Lawyer Master is open to holders of a Master in law or holders of an equivalent French or foreign diploma and who have solid knowledge of European Union law. Applications for admission are also accepted through the accreditation for prior learning and work experience (VAE - Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience).