MASTER Economics SPECIALTY Business Economist

The two-year Master’s in Business Economics programme aims to provide students possessing good analytical abilities with the necessary competences to take up operational decision-making posts in private, public or semi-public companies. It therefore focuses on the learning of applied economics. The teaching modules that make up the programme aim to provide the knowledge essential to economic analysis along with practical competences in techniques of analysis and their applications, enabling graduates to start successful careers in companies or public organisations. The programme does not seek to prepare students for careers in research.

  • Objectives
Graduates should be able to make qualitative and quantitative recommendations, in concrete situations, to the company or organisation for which they work. In order to achieve this goal, we have created a dichotomous programme that combines theoretical knowledge with practical know-how. Half the classes are taught by researchers with high levels of theoretical knowledge, while the other half are dispensed by professionals occupying posts of responsibility in companies – the majority of whom hold Doctorates in Economics. This very special feature of our programme gives students the full benefit of the competences of management personnel working as top-level business economists, enabling them to better anticipate the expectations of recruiting companies and so be better prepared when they first take up their posts. The programme is rounded off by an obligatory end-of-studies placement lasting from three to five months.

  • Content or list of themes covered and subjects taught
Teaching content is formatted to provide students with core knowledge of economics recognised both in France and abroad. Over the two years, they are trained in the principles of industrial economics as well as in econometrics, statistics, data processing and modelling. Foreign-language learning also has its part to play, as does general culture.
  • Learning outcomes
− Basic knowledge of the various branches of applied economics.
− Mastery of economic concepts and the major methodological principles of analysis.
− Proficiency in the use of the statistical and mathematical tools essential to economics.
− Proficiency in econometrics and in software for carrying out empirical analyses
− Knowledge and practice of a foreign language.
  • Admission requirements
To be admitted to the course, students must have successfully completed the 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Tours. Students with degrees from other universities will have their applications examined by a selection committee. Selection criteria will focus on marks obtained in core subjects.