MASTER Development of Management Skills SPECIALTY Management of teams, Health and Quality of life in the workplace

Occupational health is one the business world’s major overall performance concerns. Poor employee health is costly for the organisation concerned and for society in general. Such costs are not all visible and tend to spread over time, and managers do not know how (or do not want) to take account of them. Nonetheless, beyond their economic performance objectives, organisations are also concerned with social performance, making their staff’s good health and employability essential.
  • Objectives
The programme aims to provide learners with the keys to understanding, competences, tools and practices for knowing how to identify and prevent health risks in all types of organisations.

It seeks to produce managers concerned with adopting benevolent practices with regard to their colleagues – with being “care managers” so to speak.

  • Content or list of themes covered and subjects taught
Company strategy, Organisational structures and organisation of work, Organisational culture, Identities in the workplace, Ethics and CSR (corporate social responsibility), Management of diversity,

Technological environment and communication, In-house communication and NICT: collaborative platforms, knowledge management (KM), Communication to stakeholders

HRM practices, Management and participative management styles, Group dynamics and teambuilding, Project approach, Decisions, Authority and delegation, team leadership and regulation, psychology of work, ergonomy

Health in the workplace, Individual and organisational factors of stress in the workplace. Management and assessment of stress in the workplace, Welfare and QLW, Quantitative approach and measurement

Labour Law and risk prevention, Mediation, risk management and regulation, Occupational health doctor’s role, Legal risks.
  • Admission requirements
In continuing education, the programme is designed for managers or others occupying positions of responsibility in companies in all activity sectors (including social, medico-social and health facilities) wishing to take a qualifying course in management of individuals and teams, with major orientation towards health and quality of life in the workplace.

Those interested in applying for the course must show proof of 1st-year Master’s level (preferably in economics and/or management) achieved through academic studies or through accreditation of prior experience (APE). The VAP85 procedure (for accreditation of acquired professional skills) may also be applied to prospective candidates.