MASTER Development of Management Skills SPECIALTY Company Management and Administration

The 2nd-year Master’s in Company Administration may be taken either as part of initial education or in the context of continuing education. It aims to produce management personnel with dual competence.

During the year, students acquire general skills in the field of company management, complementing the initial skills they acquired during their academic training in fields other than management.

Graduates have a wide range of professional prospects to choose from and, depending on their initial study path, will have acquired the competences to take up such posts as head of a management department within a company; research officer in a regional development body; professional consultant; local authority economic affairs attaché; account manager in a bank; technical salesperson; corporate lawyer; department supervisor; human resources manager; commercial attaché; quality assurance manager; development project manager; communication officer; logistics technician; or publishing manager.
  • Objectives
Professional objectives

Upon completion of the Masters, students should:
- have dual competence in management sciences, the Masters’ main objective being to make the utmost of students’ initial competences by addition of complementary management competences.
- be sufficiently proficient in the use of the various basic tools required for company management and administration. Production of files, oral presentations and management projects during the course will give students practice in the use of such tools.
- possess an overall, in-depth approach to the problematics of company management and organisation.
  • Content or list of themes covered and subjects taught
The programme is structured around the following focuses:
- Economic and social environment
- Legal environment
- Management of information systems
- Accounting Management and company guidance
- Financial management
- Strategic management
- Human Resources Management
- Marketing
- Management of production processes
  • Admission requirements
Applicants must hold a 1st-year Master’s in any speciality (except in Company Management and Economics).

The selection procedure is based on two factors:
- “IAE-message” score (national test - see
- Criteria-based examination of the candidate’s application form (academic quality, the candidate’s career objectives, etc.).