DUT Marketing techniques for Agribusiness (TC2A)

The two-year course offered by the TC2A department (Marketing techniques for Agribusiness) leads to the DUT (University degree in technology) which corresponds to a good command of key skills in trade. Thanks to this specific course, students can acquire the bases of a food-related language and can, in the process, meet the demands of the first French industrial sector.
  • Objectives

The TCAA DUT permits:

- to train students with a view to holding posts as autonomous, multivalent salesmen with promotion prospects.
- to provide students with a thorough knowledge of the specificities of the agribusiness field.
- to accompany students all along a genuinely profession-centered university course.
- to pave the way for an integration into the job market (level B) or carry on with a further course at University.

The students are either in position to carry on with their studies or contemplate a professional integration on the strength of a dual capacity.

Ever since 1984, over 1.200 students have completed their TCAA DUT . They represent a strong network both inside and outside the agribusiness sector.

  • Contents or models of training

The TCAA department dedicates 15 % of its teaching to the agribusiness field. The production, processing, preserving and marketing of food products together with a thorough analysis of consumers’ behaviour are part of the course. Being conversant with the agribusiness-related subjects permits to have a good command of techniques, advise consumers and communicate with professionals.

Most of the course (i.e 15 %) corresponds to the teaching of basic subjects in the TC department (General Marketing techniques) such as marketing, negotiating, communication, selling and management.