DUT Business and Administration Management (GEA) OPTION Human Resources (RH)

The course offers students the opportunity to learn to hold positions of management and responsibility in the field of structure management (public and private sector businesses, administrations, local and regional authorities, associations).

The GEA Department trains students to BAC+2 level and provides them with a professional curriculum that gives them access to a wide range of further studies and openings.
  • Aims
This course aims to prepare students to be able to assume responsibilities and to hold specific positions in Human Resources Management and Personnel Administration (personnel management, pay, recruitment, training, etc.).

Students will learn how to contribute to establishing a diagnosis of the issues that may occur in managing the Human Resources of an organization (social dashboards, preparing collective bargaining, etc.) and how to play a role in implementing forward-looking staff and skills management methods and tools.

The different jobs open to graduates are:
- fulfilling tasks and assuming responsibilities that are specific to managing staff
- playing a role in implementing forward-looking staff and skills management methods and tools
- contributing to establishing diagnoses on social issues and to the running of staff representative bodies.

This course provides integration into working life and the possibility to study further or to reach higher grades by:
- acquiring general and technical skills
- mastering individual and team working methods
- developing autonomy and initiative
- having access to professional experience.

This option exists as an apprenticeship in the second year.
  • Contents or list of themes and subjects taught
Course content is based on the French National Pedagogical Programme of 2007. The course, which is held over four semesters and alternates lectures and tutorials (totalling 1,620 hours, where ¾ of these are organized in the form of tutorials or practical hands-on work), includes assessment based on the ongoing assessment method.

- 1st year: 30 weeks of classes + 1 compulsory 4-week traineeship
- 2nd year: 26 weeks of classes + 1 compulsory 8-week traineeship.

Students must also develop a tutored project throughout the four semesters.

The pedagogical team comprises teachers and professionals from the sector of activity concerned by the course. The subjects taught are grouped together into 3 modules (UE - Unité d’Enseignement) per semester, the assessment of the traineeships and the tutored project (reports and viva) constitute the fourth module.

- Module (UE) 1 deals with communicating in French, in English and in a second, free-choice foreign language as well as psychology and methodology.
- Module (UE) 2 deals with economy, law and human resource management.
- Module (UE) 3 deals with social and tax management and with management tools (mathematics and computing).