BACHELOR (vocational) Marketing and Selling Wines

Wines and spirits are a major challenge for France’s economy and foreign trade: Wine-sector products are among the top agri-food exports. With this in mind, the degree trains students to become sales representatives, specialized in promoting and marketing wine-sector products on French and foreign markets, by developing their knowledge of the activity sector and of wines in addition to their sales skills.
  • Aims
This course is intended for holders of a BAC+2 from a variety of courses of studies (languages, trade and/or wine-sector products). It completes and/or reinforces their knowledge of the different ways of marketing wine.

In addition, the course aims to develop students’ qualities and skills in: human relations, oral expression, defending their points of view, negotiating, autonomy and initiative taking, and provides them with skills for good organization.

This professional degree may lead graduates to careers as sales engineers for the café-hotel-catering industry, line managers in large-scale retail outlets, wine merchants, event organizers for commercial establishments or for wine producer groups, or be involved in international marketing and sales, etc. This course may also lead them to take over a wine-growing holding (family or other), and to implement an effective marketing and sales policy as well as promoting tourism in their domain.

This degree is one of the courses of the alimentation section of the University of Tours catalogue. The degree benefits from a partnership with the University of Tours Arts and Humanities Department (UFR Arts et Sciences Humaines (UFR - ASH)) and the European Institute of Food History and Culture (Institut Européen d'Histoire et des Cultures de l'Alimentation) (I.E.H.C.A.,

Furthermore, the degree benefits from solid anchoring in the Val de Loire wine-growing region. The region, with its 1.2 billion euros turnover, is France’s number one white wine producer, top-ranked for its appellation of sparkling wines (excluding Champagne) and 3rd wine-growing region for its appellation.
  • Contents or list of themes and subjects taught
This course is organized around three main pedagogical areas: national and international-level marketing/sales/distribution tools, knowledge of wine-sector products and proficiency in foreign languages.

The course includes two traineeships:
- A 4-week immersion course in December for students to discover the wine trade.
- A 12-week traineeship that includes a commercial or communications assignment. This may be, for example, a customer, a product launch or a distribution channel study, etc.

UE 5 - traineeship (3 ECTS)
UE 51 – marketing and sales techniques (8 ECTS)
UE 52 – economics and foreign trade marketing and sales techniques, law (5 ECTS)
UE 53 – language tools (6 ECTS)
UE 54 – knowledge of wines and tastes (8 ECTS)

UE 10 – project and UE 11 - traineeship
UE 61 – marketing and sales techniques (8 ECTS)
UE 62 – economics and foreign trade marketing and sales techniques, law (7 ECTS)
UE 63 – language tools (4 ECTS)
UE 64 – knowledge of wines and tastes (2 ECTS)
  • Prerequisites
This degree is open to students who hold a BAC+2 level diploma in languages or in wine-sector business and/or trade. The selection process comprises a review of the student application, a general culture test, focusing in particular on vines and wines, an English language test and an interview.