BACHELOR (vocational) Hospitality and Tourism SPECIALTY Managing a Theme-Based Catering Unit

This Degree trains professionals, who have solid basic knowledge of catering and restaurant service, in theme-based catering.

It is open to holders of a diploma that is equivalent to a BAC+2 level.

This course is intended exclusively for apprentices under the age of 26. Applicants from countries outside the European Union who wish to enrol for this degree must have a residency permit marked “private and family life”.
  • Aims
At the end of the course, apprentices will have become theme-based catering professionals, with solid knowledge of catering and restaurant service. They have a strong command of the whole concept of theme-based catering.

The yare able to comply with and have others comply with procedures established by general management, as well as with health and safety rules.

They contribute to the management and to the profitability of their establishment and are able to analyse and apply a budget and a dashboard.

They implement any remediation measures required.

In charge of the sales strategy for the unit, they establish a sales and external and internal communications policy.

They take customer requirements into account and optimize hospitality. They are multi-skilled managers, able to coordinate the different services.

They recruit, train, strengthen loyalty and motivate a team of 30 to 60 people.

They manage conflict and report issues to general management.

The profession focused on in this course is “Management Assistant” for a theme-based catering unit, where the professional has the skills and knowledge to manage a unit, after a few years experience.

Important: within the framework of this course, apprentices are issued with the “business licence”, which was made compulsory by law in 2009 for a manager running a bar or a restaurant.
  • Prerequisites
Applicants are admitted mainly based on their motivation and experience, which are assessed during a selection interview, once their application has been reviewed.

A high school “final year” level of English is required. No particular prerequisite is required for the other subjects and any student who has validated a BAC+2 level may obtain this degree.

A range of different classes may be proposed to apprentices at the beginning of the course, depending on their academic background.