BACHELOR (vocational) Business OPTION Sales Engineering

The Sales Engineering Degree satisfies a requirement from the economic environment. Sales representatives, today, do not necessarily have the technical knowledge required for fulfilling customer requests and, technicians do not systematically have the sales culture required. This Professional Sales Engineering Degree trains students who have technical skills for sales professions and provides them with dual quality competencies that meet corporate requirements.
  • Aims
Students admitted to the Professional Degree in Business, option Sales Engineering, who already have technical or scientific skills, will be trained in sales, marketing and management techniques in order to:
- manage and reinforce relationships with customers, suppliers, prescribers and distributors,
- promote development processes through marketing approaches (new markets, new products, etc.), - manage procurement and trade flows,
- implement and manage modernization vectors such as ICTs, databases, etc.
After a few years of professional experience, they will be able to assist heads of companies in defining corporate development strategies (sustainability, profitability, empowerment, etc.) and in implementing development actions.

More specifically, in the short term, graduates holding this professional degree may become CROs, technical sales representatives, sales representatives, sales representatives for highly-demanding customers (for example: key accounts) or operational marketing employees. In the medium to the long term, this degree opens the doors to a variety of professions: customer account manager, technical sales manager, director of sales, after-sales service manager, branch manager, etc.

The sectors of activity where graduates work, or will work, are highly varied and depend in particular on graduates’ past studies: chemistry, IT, biology, automation, mechanics, agro-food industry, services, electronics, telecommunications, horticulture, etc.
  • Contents or list of themes and subjects taught
UE 1: The commercial approach within its environment
Aims: To be aware of the legal, economic and commercial environment and to know how to analyse it to be able to negotiate more optimally
- Legal and economic environment
- Introduction to commercial negotiation
- Analysing markets

UE 2: Communication tools
Aims: To be able to exploit communication languages and tools to promote one’s skills and expertise as well as that of the company
- Commercial English
- Reflections on the professional project and techniques of expression
- Information technologies for communication

UE 3: Project management and administration
Aims: To apprehend project management and administration
- Managing sales forces
- Project management methodology
- Financial and accounting management

UE 4: Marketing approaches
Aims: To implement and manage the sales strategy
- Fundamental marketing
- Industrial marketing
- Corporate sales development strategies

UE 5: From procurement to market distribution
Aims: To understand trade flows and to manage the various types of negotiation
- Sales negotiations
- Procurement management
- Flow management

UE 6: Sales communication
Aims: To manage sales communication techniques
- Development of commercial English
- Sales communication and direct marketing

UE 7: Managing and mastering management tools
Aims: To be able to implement progress initiatives inside the company
- Database creation and management
- Quality management
- Management control
- Customer relations management

UE 8: The tutored project
- Cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to a subject

UE 9: 16-week in-company traineeship

- Fulfilling a sales-type assignment within a business in a sector of activity that corresponds to the student’s BAC+2 degree
- Writing a dissertation and participating in a viva
  • Prerequisites
This course is open to:
- students who have followed technical or scientific training to BAC+2 (DUT GEII (Industrial IT and Electrical Engineering), DUT GB (Biological Engineering), DUT GMP (Productive and Mechanical Engineering), secondary BTS, BTS or DUT in IT and management IT, scientific L2). Students who have a DUT TC (Sales Techniques), a DUT GEA (Administration and Company Management) or a diploma in sales or technical sales, logistics, etc. may not enrol for this course.
- employees from companies with more than 5 years experience in a professional activity in a technical or scientific field.