BACHELOR (vocational) Business OPTION Marketing and New Technology of Information and Communication (Matic)

This course, specialized in Marketing and NTIC, is about giving the students the opportunity to implement innovative analysis methodologies matching perfectly the evolution of the market concerning marketing techniques on the internet, social networks or mobile phone applications. They will have the opportunity to develop particular abilities to fit a fast-shifting professional environment in terms of technology, trade or culture. This licence welcomes full-time students or in sandwich courses.
  • Objectives

The main goal of this degree course in marketing is to develop the knowledge and expertise that could make the young graduate a successful member of a marketing team in a looking-forward company, mainly dedicated to developing marketing techniques on the internet, social networks or mobile phones.

Their training in new technologies of information and communication enables them to be immediately efficient to carry out e-marketing campaigns from beginning to end. They are taught how to deal with the strategic aspect of the task, how to draw up the specifications and make proposals on the content; they can also make an analysis of the results. They are trained to lead campaigns as community managers on the social networks and to develop competitive intelligence strategies.

Our graduates can develop a range of skills that can be applied to all areas of creating online stores (e-commerce or m-commerce), auditing a website, search engine optimization, customer relationship management (B to B or B to C), and implementing tools for strategic or competitive intelligence.

Their training enables them to develop skills in logistics and website management; they are also introduced to entrepreneurship and start-up as well as to legal and social analysis of the environment.

The course is adaptive, responding to the demands of business to equip the graduates with the required knowledge and skills to fulfill business needs and to develop cross media strategy (communication, trade, service, health, tourism).

  • Contents or models of training

This course corresponds to 600 hours of courses (450 hours of face to face teaching and 150 hours of project work). It includes 8 modules based on courses. It combines courses (75% of the credits obtained and 65% of face to face) and project work, group work and presentations : start-up, auditing, work placement [16 weeks] (25% of the credits obtained and 35% of face to face).

With the focus (46% of the courses) on providing grounding in all key functional areas of e-marketing ( strategic marketing, case studies, web surfer behavior, statistics, competitive intelligence, social network marketing, mobile marketing, international strategy, search engine optimization, customer relationship management, logistics) this course provides the basis for a successful business career in marketing. Furthermore, 31% of the courses concern new technologies (data bases, data mining, website programming system, website design and development, website ergonomics ) and 23% economics, e-commerce, psycho sociology and recruitment, internet law and English.

  • Admission requirements
To get into the “Licence Matic”, the student must have validated 120 credits and followed at least one course in marketing and/or computing during his/her university studies. He/she must also be proficient in English and good at spelling French.