BACHELOR (vocational) Business OPTION Import/Export Management

A professional degree is a university diploma that may be pursued after a BAC+2 (L2, BTS (higher National Diploma), DUT (two-year technical degree), etc.). Its main purpose, after a year’s studying, is to help students enter professional life.

The theoretical part of the curriculum is completed by professional training organized in partnership with businesses through tutored projects, established with companies of France’s Centre region and through 16-week traineeships in a foreign country (students choose their country).
  • Aims
The aim of this course is to train students to become professionals with linguistic, legal and economics-management skills, which they may apply within SMEs. Professional degree holders work closely with international departments of large-scale companies, providing them with their high-level knowledge skills of international activity-related business. Working with SMEs and SMIs, these graduates are frequently in charge of the company’s international operations. Their role is to consolidate and to develop the company’s international activities and its products abroad. These professionals are able to lead international projects, using the appropriate working language, as they are proficient in two foreign languages and have a keen sense and knowledge of business.

This degree trains students to be able to:
- Develop commercialization strategies for products and services proposed by companies on international markets,
- Prospect, develop and keep track on a customer portfolio for a specific geographical sector and for specific sectors,
- Take charge of the administrative and operational management for import-export affairs,
- Contribute to implementing commercial strategies and export strategies: structuring product and service ranges, drawing up pricing lists, selecting distribution channels, implementing advertizing-promotional policies,
- Monitor the results of the various business units (the quantitative and qualitative objectives of sales networks, local branches, etc.),)
- Organize logistics arrangements for export and import, based on transport and customs policies, and manage payment of the operations.
The skills and the related knowledge acquired provide graduates with openings for the following positions:
- Import / export sales assistant / manager,
- International development manager for SMEs and SMIs,
- Logistics assistant / manager,
- Import purchaser,
- Export area sales manager,
- International sales manager,
- Administrative manager for export sales, etc.
  • Contents or list of themes and subjects taught
Semester 1
UE 1 International operations management (13 ECTS), comprising the following studies:
- International market study and management (50 hrs - 6 ECTS)
- International logistics (20 hrs - 2 ECTS)
- Financing and risks of international operations (20 hrs - 2 ECTS)
- Financial and accounting management (25 hrs - 3 ECTS)

UE 2 Communication tools (8 ECTS), comprising the following studies:
- English language development (25 hrs - 3 ECTS)
- Spanish or German language development (20 hrs - 2 ECTS)
- IT and new technologies (25 hrs - 3 ECTS)

UE 3 Tutored project (9 ECTS)

Semester 2
UE 4 Legal and economic aspects of international markets (8 ECTS), comprising the following studies:
- Community law (30 hrs - 2 ECTS)
- International and European business law (30 hrs - 2 ECTS)
- International economics (30 hrs - 2 ECTS)
- Corporate environment (30 hrs - 2 ECTS)

UE 5 Foreign languages and corporate culture (8 ECTS), comprising the following studies:
- professional use of English (25 hrs - 2 ECTS)
- professional use of Spanish or German (20 hrs - 2 ECTS)
- Corporate culture in Anglo-Saxon environments (25 hrs - 2 ECTS)
- Corporate culture in Spanish or German environments (20 hrs - 2 ECTS)

UE 6 Employability project (3 ECTS), comprising the following studies:
- Validating skills and recruitment methods (9 hrs - 2 ECTS)
- Professional partnership management (6 hrs - 1 ECTS)

UE 7 Dissertation (11 ECTS)
  • Prerequisites
This course is open to any student holding a BAC+2 or equivalent title/diploma in the fields of economics, management, law or languages. It is also open to employees who wish to manage import-export activities in their company.

Proficiency in two foreign languages is compulsory: English (compulsory) and Spanish or German.