BACHELOR Management sciences (LSG)

The Bachelor's degree of Management Sciences (BMS) is a diploma proposed by the business school of the University of Tours (IAE). The BMS offers a complete, general-purpose and operational training in management. This mention is accessible after two years of studies after the high school diploma and takes place over one year (semesters 5 and 6). The BMS allows the graduates, originating from trainings of varied origins, to benefit from a severe potential of university or professional evolution. The foreign students in stay at the University of Tours can follow one or several teachings according to the training program which was validated by their owned University.

  • Objectives

The objectives of the BMS are to develop in the student's:

- a global vision of organizations and their context
- the good command of basic management tools
- the capacity to analyze the problems, to make decisions and to formulate action plans

The organization of the training, the choice of the subjects and the educational practices aim at bringing to the students four types of skills:

- disciplinary skills to develop the knowledge and the know-how in the main disciplines (in management) and in opening disciplines (general knowledge in connection with the business world)
- linguistic skills to develop the capacity to read, to write and to express himself in, at least, a foreign language
- transversal skills to develop the capacity in the analysis and in the synthesis, in the written and oral expression, in the driving of projects, in the retrieval system and in the manipulation of the numeric tools (Computer classes, Research works...)
- pre-professionals skills to prepare their integration in the labour world (Management of a project, Management games, Work experiences...)

The holders of the BMS can integrate one of the 8 MBA in Management Sciences proposed by the IAE of Tours (

The BMS also offers vast job opportunities:

- in the small organizations, the graduates can be young workers capable of taking care, in support of the managers, a large variety of administrative, managerial and operational tasks
- in the big organizations, in any business sectors, the graduates constitute workers who can join the teams connected with the senior executives exercising the responsibilities of direction (sales management and marketing, financial management, Human resources department, Management of centres of production, Management control...)

  • Contents and models of teaching

The training is organized around four groups (called EU) of subjects (called EC) among which the objectives and the contents are complementary:

- the functional disciplines in management allow understanding the functioning of organizations and main functions of companies: Strategy, Marketing and Communication, Accountancy, Management control, Human resources, Production…
- the support disciplines in management are interested in tools used by the administrators to help them to make decisions: Computing, Statistics and probabilities, Techniques of survey, Financial Accounting…
- the business environment allows understanding the complexity and the uncertainty of the context in which evolve organizations: Business English, Laws, Economy, Environmental and social responsibility (ESR)…
- the projects of personal valuation have for objective to encourage the students to make a commitment in a voluntary approach of orientation and professional integration: Conferences, Forum and round tables about jobs and labour world, CV and letters workshop, Job interview workshop...

Semester 5

EU 01 Functional disciplines in management (84 hours - 10 ECTS)
EC1-Organisation and strategy 1 (12 hours - 1 ECTS)
EC2-Financial management and analysis (24 hours - 3 ECTS)
EC3-Management of the production and the quality (24 hours - 3 ECTS)
EC4-Marketing and communication (24 hours - 3 ECTS)
EU 02 Support disciplines in management (101 hours - 10 ECTS)
EC1-Computing (36 hours - 2 ECTS)
EC2-Statistics, probabilities and forecasts (24 hours - 3 ECTS)
EC3-Techniques of survey (17 hours - 2 ECTS)
EC4-Financial accounting (24 hours - 3 ECTS)
EU 03 Business environment (52 hours - 6 ECTS)
EC1-Business English (16 hours - 3 ECTS-CRL in free access)
EC2-Economic environment of the company 1 (12 hours - 1 ECTS)
EC3-Contracts laws (12 hours - 1 ECTS)
EC4-Companies laws (12 hours - 1 ECTS)
EU 04 Projects of personal valuation (26 hours - 4 ECTS)
EC1-EP of opening (20 hours - 2 ECTS)
EC2-Management of a project (4 hours - 2 ECTS)

Semester 6

EU 05 Functional disciplines in management (80 hours - 8 ECTS)
EC1-Organisation and strategy 2 (12 hours - 1 ECTS)
EC2-Management control and accounting (24 hours - 3 ECTS)
EC3-Human resources management (24 hours - 3 ECTS)
EC4-Management game (20 hours - 1 ECTS)
EU 06 Support disciplines in management (66 hours - 8 ECTS)
EC1-Decision-making Statistics (16 hours - 2 ECTS)
EC2-Companies accounting (22 hours - 2 ECTS)
EC3-Sales force management (14 hours - 2 ECTS)
EC4-Selling points management (14 hours - 2 ECTS)
EU 07 Business environment (52 hours - 6 ECTS)
EC1- Business English (16 hours - 3 ECTS-CRL in free access)
EC2-Economic environment of the company 2 (12 hours - 1 ECTS)
EC3-Labour laws (12 hours - 1 ECTS)
EC4-Sustainable development and ESR (12 hours - 1 ECTS)
EU 08 Projects of personal valuation (38 hours - 8 ECTS)
EC1-EP of opening (20 hours - 2 ECTS)
EC2- Management of a project (4 hours - 2 ECTS)
EC3-Option Négo/e-Comm/Personal project (12 hours - 1 ECTS)
EC4-Work experience (2 months minimum - 3 ECTS)