The licence's degree in Law trains future lawyers by helping them acquire legal reasoning and by providing them with the tools required for pursuing their studies at master level. It is the basis for all studies that lead to legal professions in both public and private sectors. In addition to the traditional sector of legal and judicial professions, for which it is the preferred means of access (lawyer, judge, notary public, etc.), it also opens the doors to a range of professions in business (legal executive, human resources manager, etc.). It also prepares students for category A and B national, regional and local and hospital public service selection exams. And finally, it is also a base for pursuing non-judicial studies (journalism, political science, etc.).

As such, it offers students access to various masters in law proposed by the University of Tours and by other universities. 

Discipline keywords:  Administrative law, Civil law, Constitutional law, Criminal law, Private law, Public law.

  • International partnerships
- Bochum (Germany): a curriculum leading to a double degree in law was initiated at the beginning of the 2011 academic year for students from the 1st year of law in the universities of Tours and Bochum: the Franco-German European and National Economic Law Degree. Students spend their 1st year studying in their own universities, then they all follow their 2nd year programme together in Bochum and their 3rd year in Tours. The curriculum is reinforced (fundamental subjects are studied together + French and German language and law classes, according to which location they are in).

- Bilbao (Spain): since September 2007, around a dozen students (L3/M1) take part (for around 7 to 10 days per year) in an intensive international business law programme organized by the University of Deusto (Bilbao) held in English. The professors and professionals come from around the world and students themselves participate actively in the programme (around 60 students in all).

Two other degrees are also proposed:

  • Law-Languages

The programme offers students the opportunity to master foreign languages and to acquire solid knowledge of law.

In Law, the Degree aims, first and foremost, to offer students solid training in French domestic law in both public and private sectors. Its second aim is to help students prepare their specialization in international law and in community law. In Languages, the Law-Languages specialization offers students knowledge and skills in a foreign language.

  • The French Law and German Law Degree

The European employment market is constantly on the outlook for lawyers who are proficient in the concepts and techniques of European law and the various national laws. This integrated programme, implemented by the universities of Tours and Bochum and which leads to the double Licence/Bachelor Degree, trains lawyers to become specialized in both legal systems. The French and German students, who hold these two degrees, have the additional benefit of being able to enter Franco-German lawyer professions in businesses (French or German), associations, banks, insurance companies, public bodies, international and European, governmental and non-governmental, organizations and lawyer firms.

Discipline keywords: French law, German law, German for law, Integrated programme, Double degree.