MASTER Literature, Arts and Humanities SPECIALTY Culture and Mediation in performing Arts

This diploma (a two-year MA) qualifies the student to become a cultural mediator in the fields of drama, cinema, music (both vocal and instrumental) and dance. Half the courses are taught by higher education academics who contribute their knowledge of history, aesthetics and methodology, the second half consisting in classes conducted by cultural professionals and centering on technique and experience. A one-month (MA 1) and four-month (MA 2) internship completes the training program.
  • Aims
This job-oriented MA entitled « Culture et Médiation des Arts du Spectacle » consists in a two-year long training program for versatile mediators (drama, cinema, music, opera, dance) in the field of live performance. The recipients of this MA are enabled to shoulder immediate responsibilities within associations, businesses and cultural institutions, as well as in art companies. The MA readies its recipients for the following capacities: executive, prospective and programming officers; company management, production and publicity; public relations, documentation, media contacts, writing and publication, pedagogical interventions; reception and welcoming of guests and public.

Academically, the students acquire knowledge both in art history and in the problems confronting contemporary creation. In a professional perspective, they become familiar with legal and financial managing tools, the history of cultural policies, the gamut of institutions and existing dispositions regulating the promotion of cultural activity in France. This double —artistic and technical— approach aims at providing the students with the knowledge required to elaborate and bring to fruition a cultural project in its several phases (conception, production, distribution), and in very diverses contexts (national or local, urban or rural).

The goal of internships is to help the students discover the variety of fields in which they will be called upon to intervene (associations, dramatic and choreographic centers, museums, media documentation centers, conservatories, municipal, departmental and regional cultural services, specialized journalism…) They are thereby confronted with the actual conditions of their forthcoming activity in the field of artistic creation and cultural mediation, and encouraged to establish their own individual relationships with professionals in that field.

The aim of this MA is by no means that of training artists; it does not claim to be a drama or movie school. It may, however, complement the training of already active interprets. The MA programme also accepts teachers who already hold a position but wish to add to their previous training in order to develop artistic classes in schools open to optional curricula (drama, dance, music, cinema).
  • Curriculum
• Contemporary drama writing
• History and aesthetics of the cinema, drama, opera and dance
• History and methodology of performance criticism—Performance analysis.
• Infography
• The institutional context of live performance
• History of cultural policies
• Financing and managing live performance
• Legal dispositions governing authors and associations
• Producing live performances
• Programming live performances
• Arts & the new media
• Analyzing and assessing audiences
  • Prerequisites
1) Mastering the French language is a must, as the MA implies references to legal texts, getting acquainted with documentation related to the structures and statutes framing cultural activity, and the composition of numerous documents.
2) The other pre-requisite is previous experience in one of the featured artistic domains, be it the practice of an artistic discipline or that of mediation (organizing events, staging, volunteer work for festivals, associative activity, teaching)