Master double-diploma France-Germany Tours-Bochum - “Discourse and Practice in Cultural Mediation”

This international, bilingual Master's (120 ECTS) is a joint program between the University François Rabelais and the University of the Ruhr. The subject is cultural mediation with two possible orientations: research or professionalization, according to the student's choice. Specialized courses (theory and practice of cultural mediation, transfers in literature and art, cultural institutions), and language courses compose the principle areas of study. The coursework is shared with a bi-national group. Each class level is brought together for a preparatory week in semester 1, then during semesters 2 and 3 in Tours and in Bochum. Semester 4 takes place in Tours for the Germans, in Bochum for the French. The pedagogical team and the evaluations are also bi-national. 8 week internships will take place in the partner country. For students wishing to do research, participation in conferences is planned. Continuing in doctoral research with a French-German co-direction is also possible.

  • Objectives
The students are trained to become experts in Franco-German cultural mediation. Knowledgeable about the historical foundation and specialists in the phenomena of mediation techniques, they will be practitioners of contemporary cultural mediation in public or private institutions or businesses (work in a variety of businesses or cultural administrations as writers, journalists, human resources specialists in international businesses, cultural management, cultural tourism, etc.). The Master's program trains students to analyze oral and written content and to put into place bi-national intracultural and trans-disciplinary processes of communication (sciences, arts and literatures, audio-visual medias and texts), and intercultural (national traditions and cultures and traditions, “interculturality”). A comparative approach is at the heart of the pedagogical program. This Master has professional objectives for work in France and in Germany. It also has a research orientation opening to a joint French-German doctoral program, preparing for the job of a researcher.

  • Content or list of themes and courses taught


Semester 1. In Tours for French students:

Preparatory week of pedagogical integration (with the German students in Bochum or in Tours, 3rd or 4th week of October), 2ECTS.

Module 1 Literary and cultural transfers

3 seminars:

a - Literary and cultural transfers: introduction to the theory and practice of transfers; 18h CM 3ECTS

b - Literature and civilization of the Renaissance (France, Germany, the Netherlands. In conjunction with the CESR), 24h CM 4 ECTS

c - French and German literary and artistic transfers in the 18th century, 18h CM 3 ECTS

Practical tools:

a – Writing Competencies (writing, analysis and synthesis of texts), 18h TD 3 ECTS

b1 - A seminar in another specialty, 18h 3 ECTS or

b2 – Required literature fundamentals for non-literary backgrounds, 18h CM, 3 ECTS

c - Translation – methodology of translation; 12h French to German TD 2 ECTS and 12h German to French 2 ECTS

d – Intercultural Management , 5h CM, 7h TD 3 ECTS

e - Participation in internships 6 ECTS

8 week internships in Germany between semester 1 and semester 2 for the French in German cultural organizations, or a 4 week internship and participation in a research conference: 6 ECTS

Total: 30 ECTS

Semester 2. In Bochum, Franco-German group:

Presentation of internships and conference reports. 4 ECTS

Module 2.

a-      Image, media, visualization: two seminars + 1 written assignment 48h CM 12 ECTS.

b-     Literature and knowledge. Transdisciplinary processes: one seminar + 1 written assignment 24h CM 6 ECTS

c-      Language classes, 24h TD 4 ECTS

d-     Seminar in another specialty (for example ECUE- European Economic and Cultural Studies), 24h CM 4 ECTS

Total: 30 ECTS


Semester 3. In Tours, Franco-German group:

Discourse and practice of cultural transmission

Module 3 – 3 seminars

a – European discursive tradition, crises and reactions in rhetoric, 18h CM 4 ECTS

b – Political philosophy transfers in the 19th century, 18h CM 4 ECTS

c - Texts, spaces and identities in the 20th century, 18h CM 4 ECTS

 Module 4-1 – 3 seminars

a – Franco-German history of cultural institutions (museums, theaters), 18h CM 4ECTS

b - History of translation and its concepts, 18h CM 4 ECTS

c - Choice of seminar (other departments or majors, for example: theater arts, CESR (Renaissance Studies), literature and comparative literature, languages and law, LEA, history, etc.) 4 ECTS

d - Translation and translation methodology, 36h TD 6 ECTS

Total: 30 ECTS


Semester 4. In Bochum for French students, in Tours for the German students:

Modern Intercultural discourse

Module 4-2 – 2 seminars

Contemporary intercultural history 19th – 21st centuries, or a project within a chosen specialty (theater arts, for example) 24h CM 5 ECTS

Translation, 24h TD 5 ECTS

Master's thesis 20 ECTS. The written work at the end of the Master's will be written in either French or in German and evaluated by the bi-national teaching team.

Total: 30 ECTS

Total master 120 ECTS

  • Prerequisites
A Bachelor's degree (Bachelor Studium), preferably in German studies, but other degrees are also accepted. In this case, complete a request for equivalency (document can be downloaded from the website of the University François Rabelais). For non-literary degrees, courses in the fundamentals of literature are required. A good understanding of French and German is also required (a minimum of a level B1, level B2 recommended). Admission is possible by submitting the equivalency acceptance and a cover letter, to be sent to the head of the program.