French Literature 1 L1 – S2

  • Course Title: UE 23-EP1 French Literature
  • Course Description:
- Lectures
As a literature student, you may have already asked yourself the following questions: What exactly is literature? What makes a text “literary”? Why is it better to have read Balzac rather than Marc Lévy? What criteria do literature teachers use to decide which authors are interesting to work on?

These questions are addressed during this course, using answers given throughout the centuries, from the Middle Ages to current times. Students will discover, among other things, that literature changed its identity several times, and that the literary history that is taught today cannot be taken for granted.

- Tutorials
Tutorials will be based on the study of two pieces of work, of different genres, selected from the given centuries. The tutorial aims to make connections between the study of the work as a specific entity and the major historic, poetic and aesthetic questions highlighted during lectures.
  • Assessment:
- Lectures: General curriculum: a 1 hr 30 min exam
- Tutorials: General curriculum: several tests spread out over the semester, including a 4-hour exam
  • ECTS: 5
  • Course Language: French
  • Teaching Method: Tutorial (TD); Lecture (CM)
  • Course Duration: TD: 1h30 a week & 18 hours a semester; CM: 1h30 a week; 18 hours a semester
  • Course Code: L2MLFRA8
  • Bibliography:
If you consider your secondary education book to be appropriate, you may use it to consolidate key literary history dates; otherwise a wide range of literary history books exist for 1st year university students, in particular those edited by PUF (the volumes from the “Premier cycle” collection or the three parts of the “L’Histoire de la France littéraire”).