International Partnership Degrees

There are different types of international partnership degrees.

  • Double/Multiple Degrees and Joint Degrees

A bi- or multilateral partnership agreement is made between two or more universities - based on the mutual recognition of courses, as well as the administrative and academic procedures (selection and admission process, evaluation of students…). Students attend courses in two or more universities, and - at the end of the programme - are awarded:

- either a double/multiple degree: each partner university awards its diploma; thus, two or more separate diplomas are issued.

- or a joint degree:  one single diploma is jointly issued by all the partner universities – all their logos, seals and signatures are on the same document.

  • Offshore Degrees

An offshore degree is a study programme offered abroad by the François-Rabelais University; it has two main objectives:

- to give local people the opportunity (a) to benefit from a programme corresponding to French and international academic standards, (b) and thus to obtain a French diploma while staying in their home country;

- to train executives whose skills are necessary for the local development.