Erasmus + Charter 2014-2020: International Strategy

As the University of Tours (UFRT) is strongly involved in the European higher education area, its activities are in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy, which aims at developing a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Gathering more than 23,000 students (in 2012-2013), the university is the biggest higher education institution in Région Centre. The UFRT is willing to be more attractive by welcoming 30,000 students in 2020. Therefore it is committed to enhance its course offerings and to develop an education policy fostering the autonomy and the success of students. In order to increase the added-value of studies, the UFRT promotes the development of outgoing student mobility: it has set itself the objective to boost outgoing mobility in Europe to 2% for 2014-2020. Moreover the university further develops the internationalization of curricula by implementing new double degrees or programs in English and by supporting language learning.