2. Accommodation

You can choose between these three options:

1. Housing in a University Residence

It is managed by CROUS and the International Relations Office centralises housing requests for exchange students or under convention only.

When you pre-register online on Mobility Online, you will be asked to download an application form for a university residence. You can also download it here to complete it and upload it to Mobility Online: version française / english version

You may make up to four wishes (in case your first choice is not available anymore). It is imperative that you write your INE number on the housing application form, otherwise the housing department (CROUS) will not be able to assign you a dwelling. To obtain this INE number, you must follow this procedure: step by step on messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr.

The completed form must be sent by mail with your Mobility Online pre-registration file printed (as indicated in the procedure) to the office in charge of incoming exchange students. It will then be sent to the CROUS who will take over to assign you an accommodation.

N.B. If you are a classical exchange student (Erasmus or exchange agreement), you are exempt from the CVEC (Student Life and Campus Contribution), so you should not pay this tax.
If, on the other hand, you are a student in a paid program (master’s degree in English, intensive program CUEFEE EEP, license FLE...), you must pay the CVEC.


2. Private accommodation

If you choose one of the following options, you will need to look by yourself:

- Private accommodation: The university has its housing plateform (Studapart) to help you find a private accommodation, a roommate or a temporary room. If you are not yet a student at Tours, log in to the platform with the identifier «HOUSINGUNIVTOURS». Announcements on this platform are verified announcements.
More information about the warranty offered by Studapart.

- Housing in residence outside a university: You can also opt for an accommodation in a student residence outside of the university (not managed by the University).

See the topic (page 33) of the downloadable home guide in the box to the right for more housing solutions.


3. The Youth Hostel

In October 2019, a new youth hostel has opened in Tours.

Learn more at https://www.thepeoplehostel.com/fr/tours   

This can also be a temporary accommodation upon your arrival, time for you to get everything organized (remember you cannot move in a residence hall during the week-ends).