10. Culture & Sports


  • The International Relations Department offers a varied cultural programme (1st semester and 2nd semester) to visit the castles of the Loire, and other must-see sites of the region and France.

  • The cultural service of the UT offers many cultural events. For 8€, you can buy the Student Cultural Passport (PCE), thanks to which you can enjoy privileged rates in more than 65 partner cultural structures in Tours and Blois.

null You can purchase the PCE when you get your student card or directly at the cultural service, office 109, 1st floor of the Tanneurs.



A very varied range of sports is offered within the UT.

With the Pack’Sport (€25 for the academic year), you can take up to 3 different sports courses per week at the university, and do very inexpensive trainings during the weekends (hiking in Mont-Saint-Michel, canyoning, skiing, etc.) as well as attending sporting events or wellness activities (badminton, fitness night, rugby, etc.).

You will also benefit from offers given by partners of the SUAPS (the sports university service).

You can pay the Pack'Sport on the day of your registration in the International Relations Office or later at your school.

You will have to wait until you have obtained your student card before you can register for sports activities.

More information can be found on this page: https://www.univ-tours.fr/campus/sport/le-sport-a-l-universite-144056.kjsp