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The University François Rabelais of Tours has as an objective to increase the participation of its research in European and International networks of excellence.
In order to achieve this goal, the university offers:

- A Centralized European Research Cell (,

- A Research and Doctoral Studies department,

- An International Relations Department,

- A Center for services EURAXESS facilitating the welcome of international researchers,

- The Studium®, a regional agency welcoming researchers with an international profile (

It is also instrumental in putting into place policies favoring an international aspect for its laboratories, by:

- dedicating a part of the budget for research units to an International Quality Bonus (BQI). This part is attributed based on the international actions of each research unit.

- an active policy of inviting international researchers and post-doctoral candidates.


Centralized Cell “Europe-Research”


This cell is a joint effort of the universities of Orléans and of Tours as well as the CNRS and benefits from support from the Center Region.

Its mission: to encourage and support the participation of researchers and regional businesses in European research programs, from providing information to the finalization of projects.


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The regional initiative Le Studium®


The University of Tours participates in the regional initiative Le Studium® in order to welcome researchers with international profiles to the Center Region of France.

Its mission: to develop the international visibility of the regional scientific community.

The research projects selected by Studium® are open to known international researchers. It eases their professional and social integration by putting into place an individualized welcome to the Region.


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