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University Centre of French as a Foreign Language

TheCUEFEE, at the service of international students
The University Center for Teaching French to International Students (CUEFEE) is a part of the International Relations department at the University François Rabelais. Its mission is to accompany international students as they learn the French language and about French culture and pursue their studies in Tours. Three principal aspects are emphasized: the study of the language, an understanding of the culture and French for university studies. The CUEFEE welcomes the entire international learning community.

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  • Course offer :
Individual students
Exchange students
Students enrolled in a university course of study
Foreign language assistants
Researchers & PhD students
Foreign job seekers
Certifications: TCF, DELF, DALF

  • Quality programs and courses
The CUEFEE is a member of the Association of Directors of University Centers of French for International Students (ADCUEFE) - Campus FLE. This professional organization of 25 French Universities who propose programs of French as a foreign language for international students and teachers guarantees for you:
- the quality of the teaching;
- a variety of learning techniques;
- the quality of the welcome and integration into the university;
- the richness of the cultural environment;
- the harmonization and the recognition of certifications and diplomas.

Since 2007, the quality of the programs of the CUEFEE is guaranteed by the “Label Quality FLE” delivered by the CIEP (International Center for Pedagogical Studies) and recognized by the French ministries in charge of education, higher education and foreign affairs. The Center is regularly audited in order to have this certification renewed.



Geographical location:
8 bis, rue Fromont - 37041 Tours Cedex 1

Postal address:
CUEFEE - Université François-Rabelais,
60 rue du Plat d'Etain
37020 Tours Cedex 1

Pedagogical Management and Coordination:

International Students Registration Contact
Telephone: +33 (0)2 47 36 68 61

Exchange Students Registration Contact
Frédéric SOREAU
International Relations Office
60 rue du Plat d’Etain
37020 Tours cedex 1
Telephone: +33 (0)2 47 36 67 17

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